2018 Honda Accord vs Toyota Camry

2018 Honda Accord vs Toyota Camry

Until the march of the crossover began sweeping across the auto market, midsize sedans was where the competition was fiercest. The standard in that segment is as high as ever, and the 2018 Honda Accord and Toyota Camry are still two of the biggest-sellers. Let's see how they shape up when compared.

How they look: Honda Accord

It could be easy to dismiss mass-market cars for being boring, but that's far from the case when it comes to how the Accord and Camry look. The tenth-generation Honda Accord has been a long time coming. The design is more evolutionary than revolutionary, but the end result is an attractive and contemporary looking car. Sporty right angles and hard edges have replaced anything that could have been considered frumpy in the past. With this redesign, Honda has successfully delivered what other automakers have been struggling to pull off for some time: a sporty midsize sedan that's as desirable as it is practical.

Stylish and sleek are not words normally associated with a car as renowned for practicality as the Camry, but this version is actually a very attractive and even quite aggressive looking model. Toyota has done a good job, but the Honda is definitely the more desirable of the two designs.

Cargo capacity: Honda Accord

Although lots of people claim interior space is why they choose crossovers over sedans these days, we shouldn't underestimate how much we can get in the trunk of a midsize sedan. Base versions of the Toyota Camry offer 14.1 cu.-ft. of cargo space, while the rest of the lineup sees that increase to 15.1 cu.-ft. That's not too bad for a midsize, but it's quite a bit behind the 16.7 cu.-ft. of space on offer in the trunk of all versions of the Honda Accord sedan.

Performance: Honda Accord

In trucks, it's easy to compare what you're getting in terms of performance by looking at the power and torque ratings of the available engines. But since the Camry and Accord are not bought primarily for towing, like a pickup probably would be, the performance concerns are more about how they ride, drive, and handle. The Camry has the more powerful engines and even still offers a V-6, which the Honda has now dropped. However, the Camry has handling, road holding and a suspension setup that are all average for the segment at best.

Despite having less power, the Honda Accord makes better use of what it has. It drives and handles better than the Toyota. While CVT transmissions are rarely a driver's dream, in this Accord the CVT is exceptional and the best of the transmissions offered.

Interior comfort and quality: Honda Accord

The quality of the interiors and materials used in both cars is impressive, although the styling of the Honda's interior is a little more inspiring than the Camry's. But when it comes to comfort, the Honda is actually a lot better than it probably needs to be, and could be seen as a genuine rival for some luxury models costing considerably more than the Accord.

By almost every measure, the Accord has more passenger space than the Toyota. There's a total of 105.6 cu.-ft. of passenger volume in the Honda, compared to just 100.4 cu.-ft. on the Toyota. It's a similar story with that all-important rear leg room as there's 2.4-inches more for rear-seat passengers to enjoy in the Accord.