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  • Drew Koehnke
    General Manager
    Drew Koehnke

  • Adam Ceboll
    Sales Manager
    Adam Ceboll

  • Joe Daye
    Sales Manager
    Joe Daye

  • Randy Paxton
    Finance Manager
    Randy Paxton

  • Moe Mo
    Sales Consultant
    Moe Mo

  • Brandon Sullivan
    Sales Consultant
    Brandon Sullivan

  • Jordan Snyder
    Sales Consultant
    Jordan Snyder

  • David Maceira
    David Maceira

  • Dan Eckles
    Sales Consultant
    Dan Eckles

  • Nathan Clark
    Sales Consultant
    Nathan Clark

  • Margo Mack
    Internet Sales Consultant
    Margo Mack

    Patience paid off for Margo Mack.

    The Internet sales manager at Power Honda in Albany, Mack waited for two hours for her first interview with the sales manager at the local Dodge dealership in 1984.

    "He decided that if I had that much patience, I may be the right person for the job," Mack said.

    Turns out he was right.

    Mack, 52, has been selling cars in the Albany area for 28 years, including 18 at the Honda dealership, first for Bill Rogers and now at Power. Today she believes she is the only woman in car sales in the mid-valley.

    "I was a novelty in the business back then," she said. "I'm accepted now."

    Early on she admitted that it took a bit of toughening up to stick with the career. She said another woman was hired the same time she was, but she didn't last.

    "I stuck it out, and I've always enjoyed it," she said.

    Mack was born in Albany and attended West Albany High School. She moved on to Oregon State University, graduating in 1984 with a degree in sociology.

    Jobs in her field were scarce at the time so she applied with the Dodge dealership. She hasn't looked back. Mack credits a part-time job working for an accountant during her college days with familiarizing her with the office environment. She had some sales experience from working at Fred Meyer in high school.

    "The guys in the business took awhile to get used to having me do what was considered a traditional male job but that's all past," she said.

    Now Mack spends much of her time working with customers on the Internet. She says it has changed how people shop for cars.

    "The Internet is usually the first place the majority of people look when they thing about buying a car," Mack said. "I work them through it."

    She said that buyers view inventories, submit loan applications and do about 90 percent of the work before they walk through the door to the showroom.

    "With the quality of vehicles today it's really enjoyable to be part of the industry," Mack said.

    Giving people the car they want is important to Mack. She said she believes in a no-hassle, no-hype approach.

    "It shouldn't be hard to buy a car," she said. "That is my motto."

    She has grown a loyal clientele. Mack said not only are many of her customers repeat buyers who have purchased cars from her for 25 years but now she is seeing their grandchildren come through the door.

    "It's pretty special to sell a car to the grandchild of someone who I have been dealing with for more than 20 years," she said.

    Mack says it has all been worth it. She believes she made the right career choice.

    "The hours are tough but my employers have been flexible, and it's been a nice business for me," she said. "I honestly enjoy all of it."

  • Geneva Simpson
    Sales Consultant
    Geneva Simpson

  • Chad Augustine
    Service Manager
    Chad Augustine

  • Derrel Dale
    Service Advisor
    Derrel Dale

  • Lance E Martin
    Service Advisor
    Lance E Martin

  • Jay Annunzio
    Shop Foreman
    Jay Annunzio

  • Hugh Brower
    Service Technician
    Hugh Brower

  • Jacob Pavon
    Service Technician
    Jacob Pavon

  • Henry Barquinero
    Lube Technician
    Henry Barquinero

  • Zach Melcher
    Service Technician
    Zach Melcher

  • Molly Hodge
    Lube Technician
    Molly Hodge

  • Sam Cole
    Sam Cole

  • Kaylan Burge
    Shuttle Driver
    Kaylan Burge

  • Darren Brown
    Darren Brown

  • Tanner Whitley
    Tanner Whitley

  • Larry Annunzio Jr
    Larry Annunzio Jr

  • Ray Cruz
    Ray Cruz

  • Aaron Ferguson
    Aaron Ferguson

  • Kris Savage
    Office Manager
    Kris Savage

  • Lori Vogler
    Title & Warranty Administrator
    Lori Vogler

  • Priscilla Miller
    Contract Clerk
    Priscilla Miller

  • Scott Neimi
    Scott Neimi

  • Mike Newman
    Mike Newman

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